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I am 34 years old, got Specialist Grade in journalizm. But almost hadn't being worked within classical media, yet have SMM experience. And fill up my own Telegram channel with content. Successful in project management even being not high experienced. Currently I am working withing IT development, main project is the application for international logistics. I am in charge to write Technical specifications and design UX prototypes. Used to work within sales, events management, webdesign. Due to my background, able to build highly motivated teams. I feel much more effective within small team, rather than solo player. I am an expert in gamification - all about using game elements in engagement. Being interested in gamedev in general, I can create business tabletop game, business simulation or just implement some game elements. Strong background in Non-Goverment Organizations. Fought against corruption in Russia. Educated volunteers, improved media and provided other usefull job to help social activism.

Project Manager

Visa Lietuva, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Mažeikiai, Palanga

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